The nonprofit would like to recognize those with SMAS who are active in the SMAS community as well as raising awareness for superior mesenteric artery syndrome. We receive no financial compensation for posting the following links.

Sue sews and embroiders to keep her mind off the daily pain of SMAS. She creates weighted blankets and just about any feeding tube accessory you could think of from pole covers to tubie pads. She donated a weighted blanket to the 2018 SMAS auction. Check out her creations:

Nichole spends her spare time raising awareness not only for SMAS, but other rare syndromes.

Samantha has followed her dreams and become a published author of a wonderful Young adult dystopian sci-fi/fantasy book series. She donated books 1 and 2 to the 2018 SMAS Auction. Please check out her books here:
To keep up with her:

Lindy spends her time on her artwork which helps her mind focus on something other than pain of SMAS. Her Angel paintings are highly sought after. Her giving soul has donated several paintings to the SMAS nonprofit to help raise funds. Her artwork can be seen and purchased here:

Ariana Aboulafia is a survivor of SMAS who wrote about her own struggles and triumphs with this rare syndrome. You can check out her book here:

Kim does all sorts of adorable crafts and custom blankets. She was kind enough to donate to the SMAS 2018 Auction. Check out her facebook page:

Jacquelyn Piro is also a very talented artist who uses art as a pain relief. She does custom paintings and sketches. Many people seek her out to do pet portraits. She has a Lovebug Project where she donates funds to various nonprofits.

“Rev. Luisa Dong lives with her husband, Billy, and their dog, Chip, in Levittown, NY. LJ is an Interfaith Minister and certified Psychic Medium. She loves yoga and meditating, as well as traveling to new places and meeting new people, here and in Spirit. She was a newlywed when life turned upside down, but with faith and hope she has learned to trust that the universe has a bigger plan.” LJ has recovered from SMAS and donated her kidney as her way to solve Nutcracker Syndrome and help another woman have a chance at a better life.