The SMASRAS, as available, on a quarterly basis will distribute grants. Grants will be available to those with a confirmed diagnosis of Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMAS). Only US residents can apply for grants. These grants will be allocated in the amount up to $750 on a one time basis for the purpose of supplementing the underinsured or uninsured, by providing SMAS related medical bill payments, providing transportation, and hotel accommodations to out-of-town medical appointments for the treatment of SMAS, or for reimbursement of medical supplies needed for treatment of SMAS.

For consideration of a grant, applicants must provide previous year’s tax form and require financial need as established by guidelines of poverty level times 300%. If your financial status has changed significantly in the past 90 days please provide pay stubs and documentation to explain the change. Application is available below.

The lifetime maximum for grants, per person, at present time is $750, with the option to change as funds increase. SMASRAS reserves the right to add funding for those who do not meet poverty level guidelines when funds increase.

**Failure to complete application entirely, including submitting all requested documents, will result in application being denied. Please understand that we require these documents because we are a 501c3 Nonprofit governed by the rules of the IRS.

The Shawn Nelson “Fight Like a Warrior” Medical Grant

To apply click the link below to download and print Grant Application:

The Shawn Nelson “Fight Like a Warrior” Medical Grant (word file)

The Shawn Nelson “Fight Like a Warrior” Medical Grant 2019 (pdf)

If you are unable to open please email us at and we can email or mail a copy to you.



This will be a blind application process where a nonvoting member of the board will prepare the document to present to the board. The board will review and vote on funding the grant by passage of majority vote 2/3. If grant is for a medical bill, payment will be made directly to the medical provider.

Email Questions to-

Application Deadlines

Applications are due no later than March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. This allows the board to review and select grant recipients. Emergency grants will be decided on an as needed basis.


If your application is not accepted it will be held for 90 days and reviewed in case funds are later available to distribute. After the 90 days has expired applicants will need to reapply.


We are currently providing grants to qualified applicants within the 300%, but even if you may exceed that percentage please apply because we may open up grants to everyone at any given time.

Persons in Household 48 Contiguous States and D.C. Poverty Guidelines (Annual)

The Alecia Boggs Memorial Grant

ABMGAlecia Boggs suffered from Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and was sick for 5 years and 2 weeks before losing her fight. She was only 21 years old.

In memory of her, and in honor of her family, we decided to offer the Alecia Boggs Memorial Grant. The memorial grant will provide assistance to families that need help with rent or mortgage payments, utility bill payments, groceries, or assistance with funeral expenses. At present, we have two grants available per calendar year in the amount up to $500.

Click the link below to download and print this application:

SMASRAS The Alecia Boggs Memorial Grant Application 2018

Who can apply for the Alecia Boggs Memorial Grant?

ABMG2.jpgThis grant is open to anyone that suffers from SMAS and parents of a minor child with SMAS. At this time, we are limiting grants to one per applicant. If you have already been awarded a medical grant, you will be unable to receive this grant. This may change in the future.

Even though there are no financial guidelines for this grant, finances will be taken into consideration if multiple applications are received.