SMASRAS (Superior Mesentric Artery Syndrome Research, Awareness, and Support) was a long journey that began prior to 2014. Realizing that there was no U.S. non-profit I was determined to become the founder of the first SMAS non-profit. SMASRAS also works under the name of SMAS Patient Assistance

What are the goals of this non-profit?
1) I want to bring awareness to SMAS. I truly believe that the more awareness the faster others can be diagnosed.
2) We want to assist those uninsured and under-insured with medical bills and transportation. We will be able to do this with your help fundraising so we have more money to disperse.
3) Eventually we would like to be able to research and gather a true number of people suffering from SMAS. Unfortunately there is only old research which minimizes the number of people fighting SMAS. When we minimize the amount of people diagnosed with SMAS it makes it more difficult to raise awareness.

Why do I do what I do?
When my mom was first diagnosed in 2012 I was terrified. Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome does not have much information available. Through online support groups I have developed relationships with those suffering from SMAS and their loved ones. My daughter is even named after a young lady who lost her battle. I dedicate my time in hopes that people can find diagnosis and treatment early enough before their symptoms become too soon. I do this so families do not feel the pain of losing a loved one. And lastly, I do this for my mom in hopes that she never stops fighting.